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Neodirect is your go-to insurance broker in Germany.

With many years of expertise, we excel in delivering thorough health insurance options tailored for expats and foreigners. Crafted digitally and uniquely, we focus on understanding your desires and objectives.

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Health insurance expert Nina Feddersen:

As an independent insurance broker, I analyze your pension and insurance solutions needs without being tied to insurers. Together, we find optimal products in the best possible conditions.

We focus on you and your family. Choose transparency and a good feeling because pension provision is a matter of trust.

Trust, reliability, and state-of-the-art technology make physical distances secondary in today's consulting. We attach great importance to personal proximity and integrate efficient digital processes to accompany you optimally. You can book your desired appointment directly with us and get online advice from your home. Of course, we can also let you know at our offices in Eschborn.


The six areas of private health insurance advice:

Needs analysis, Health check,
Tariff selection, Contribution relief, Tariff change and Adjustment as well as service and support.
Find out how you can find the right insurance cover and optimally meet your needs.

Needs Assessment:

First, a detailed analysis of your needs and requirements is done. Factors such as age, state of health, marital status, and professional situation are considered.

Health check:

In this step, your state of health is assessed. For this purpose, I want to ask you for information on existing illnesses, pre-existing conditions, and medication. This information is essential to ensure the right insurance coverage.

Rate selection:

You can choose a suitable rate based on your needs. Various aspects, such as the scope of insurance, benefits, premiums, and deductibles, are considered.

Contribution relief in old age:

Options for premium relief are discussed, such as the agreement of deductibles, the formation of age reserves, or tariffs with premium refunds.

Tariff change and adjustment:

In the event of changes in personal life situations or needs, it may be necessary to change tariffs or adjust insurance coverage. Here we explain how a tariff change within private health insurance is possible and how this affects insurance coverage and premiums.

Service and support:

Information is provided about the insurance company's customer service and support services. These include the accessibility of customer service, support with applications and claims settlement, and the availability of online services.


Health insurance is compulsory in Germany for everyone, including the self-employed.

We specialise in the special needs of working academic expatriates who come to Germany and quickly need an "English-speaking consultation".
If you have already accepted a job offer, we can already support you here.
We help you find the right health insurance that meets the requirements of the HR department and German law.
Take the opportunity to contact us before you live in Germany.
It helps us and makes insurance solutions possible without time pressure. So we can make a plan for your health insurance in advance, before you register in Germany.

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Can it be a little expertise?

Experten Analyse

Health check

Experts Check

Krankenakte anfordern

Health check

Medical record check

Anoyme Voranfrage

Health check

Anonymous preliminary inquiry

Beitragsentlastung im Alter

Contribution relief

Less contribution in old age


Rate selection

Premium refund



Baby / Selbständig
& Co


We always strive to provide our customers with recommendable experiences and full support.



Interested? Get in touch with us!

If you are unsure whether private health insurance is the better option for you or whether supplementary insurance is more suitable, let's talk about it openly in a non-binding conversation.

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